Kite lessons in Cabo de la Vela

Kitesurfing starts with respect for the wind and ends up with a lot of fun on the water understanding wind conditions, kite gear, and how the kite moves in the wind.

How much time needed to learn kitesurfing?


Some people arrive at Cabo with the impression to learn kitesurfing in one or two hours. In one hour you only learn how to move the kite slightly along the wind window. So if you want to stand on a board in one or two hours you rather should learn windsurfing. But if you just want to try if you could like kitesurfing, of course you take lessons for 2 hours.


There are people standing on the board after 5 hours. But the average is about 7 to 8 hours. So give yourself the time and enjoy feeling the kite and doing bodydraging in the caribeean sea.


How we teach?


We start with a small theory part and saftey explanation. You should know how the Quick release system works. Every spot is different, so you get an overview about the wind conditions and basically how a kite flies.


After that we sit at the beach to get the feeling of steering a kite along the wind window from 10 to 12. But first with a tiny kite. You try to transform the theoretic knowledge gained before smoothly. When you feel comfortable you go with your instructor into the water learning how to move the kite along the wind window from 10 to 2 o'clock.


Next step is body drag. Because you will lose the board afterwards so you should know how to recover it and how to get at the beach doing bodydraging. The wind is side off shore, so bodydraging to the right side is essential.


Ready to get on the board? Hell yeah ; ) In the next step you try the waterstart - but wait wait first the kite movement and then with the board. So we continously try till you get on the board and till you are able to kite to the right and to the left. We have a rescue boat, so going to Aruba with the kite is unlikely - we get you before.


So, have a try! Learning to kitesurf is fun!

Wind, wind, wind 

Wind conditions in Cabo de la Vela


Cabo de la Vela is a Side Offshore paradise with strong wind almost the whole year. This text was written while waiting for the wind at 11am. But just the other day the wind started already strong at 9pm. So what now? most of the time the wind - side offshore - starts already strong at 10pm. Cabo de la Vela is one of the windiest parts in South America. Where desert and the sea meet each other, termic wind delivers perfect conditions for kitesurfing almost the whole year. So basically you can learn to kitesurf during the whole year. In October the probability of rain increases - so less wind - time for a big kite like 12m or more - or no wind.


Kite range? What kite size should I bring to Cabo?


Normally, the kite range used is from 5m for tiny womens up to 9m for big guys. The wind starts really strong at 11am and arrives at its peak at 2pm with up to 35 knots sometimes.  The wind is gusty or bumby but delivers also nice sunset kite session or a full moon ride. Let's go kitesurfing then.