How to get to Cabo de la Vela?


Cabo de la Vela is in the Northern Part of Colombia in the Wayuu Territory - the biggest indigenous tribe in Colombia. So life here is still what is used to be before - fishing, houses of cactus wood, goats and of course the famous artesanal wayuu bags "mochilas". Not only the town is old fashioned, also the way to get there could be adventurous. But do not worry, we could help you to organise your trip to Cabo de la Vela from Riohacha. Just write us!


How to get there by your own?


Normally people arrive by plane at Riohacha airport or by bus from Santa Marta or Palomino. Arriving at Riohacha, take a taxi to "donde salen los carros para Uribia". The car is leaving when it is full with four people. Actual costs (May 2019) between COP 15'000 and COP 20'000. Depends on the actual gas prices.


Arriving at Uribia


The car from Riohacha will drop you off at any Jeep leaving to Cabo de la Vela. The price range could be from COP 15'000 with an open Jeep to COP 30'000 with a Fourdrive wheel car. Don't be scared of Uribia - it is a very busy town in the desert. So everything you need should be bought here like water, fruits and vegetable.


Arriving at Cabo


The Jeep from Uribia drops you off where you have a reservation. If you do not have an reservation they try to drop you off where they have comission. So it is up to you, to say no and choose by yourself.


Arriving at Tawi Kite


To arrive at Tawi Kite, just tell the driver to drop you off at Tawi Kite Jorge Luis, and you arrive in front of our bar.


Tours to Punta Gallinas


Most of the people arriving here are asking if it is worth to go to Punta Gallinas. As a kitesurfer, we are very reluctant to go to Punta Gallinas as we only focus on wind and kitesurfing. But the way to Punta Gallinas is an unique trip through the salt desert and red laguns. Punta Galllinas itself is the farest north easter point of the Guajira. From the hostel you have a view over the Mangroves and you spend the day making a tour the Dunes, the Lighthouse and view point.


At Tawi we support you or organise a trip with a car and driver knowing that his car is in good state of mind. We went once with our motorbike by our own but we do not recommend this doing by your own. The way to there is not obvious and if you have problems with your moto, to find help to fix it could be a big issue.